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Physical Fitness

We give kid’s the opportunity to be kids! From running around to team building activities, children have the best time of their lives!

Homework Time

It’s not all fun and games, we want kid’s to excel in the classroom as well! Our dedicated child development specialists are driven to help kids achieve success in their studies! Get ready for straight A’s!

Field Trips

Life is all about the moments and memories we create. Rather than sitting in a room for several hours per day, we want to give kids life experiences that will enhance their perspective on the world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Life Skills

It’s not all about punching and kicking! Our mission is to equip kids with skills that will enhance their daily activities and last them a lifetime. Life skills like being courteous, saying yes sir’ / ma’am, making eye contact when speaking and of course setting goals.

Martial Arts

Aside from becoming the best versions of themselves, experiencing memories that will last them a lifetime and improving their school work, kids get to be real life ninjas! Learning how to effectively protect themselves AND have fun, what more could you ask for!

Incredible Experience

If you’ve ever asked your kids what they learned today and they answered with the typical response, “nothing”, rest assured that you’ll never experience that again. Kid’s will be talking about all the cool fun stuff that they learned and how excited they are to come back! Most importantly you’ll see big smiles on their faces each and every day!

Kid Smart Foundation and Red Dragon Karate have been a pillar in our city for over 53  years, helping at risk youth in our community to be confident, strong and safe from bullies!  Kid Smart After School Martial Arts gives back to our local schools through monetary donations, free martial arts and birthday parties and by donating our time to present our high energy school talks and our award winning Anti Bullying Assemblies, Mission Bully Proof. If you’re like most parents, you’re stuck at the office working when school get’s out. Instead of sitting at your desk wondering what your kid’s are doing and if they made it home safe, you can rest assured knowing they are in one of the best after school programs available. Every parent wonder’s what their kids are doing when they get home; are they doing their homework, maybe they are playing video games, are they eating healthy or are they chugging soda and scarfing junk food. Instead of falling into that category, you can go about your day with confidence knowing that your child is safe, they’re getting their homework done, and they’re learning valuable martial arts and life skills. All this while boosting their self confidence, becoming smarter and stronger, and becoming goal-getters AND goal-setters! 

•  Glendora Unified School District- all schools
•  Washington elementary by Willow Hope Lutheran  
•  St. Dorothy private schools 
•  Charter Oak Unified School District 
•  Willow Elementary
•  Western Christian Schools- Claremont, CA

3pm – Kids Arrive & Eat Their Snack
3:15pm – Homework Time
3:30pm – Confidence Building Martial Arts
4:30pm – Games & Crafts
5pm – Bully Defense & Stranger Danger
5:30pm – Quiet Time To Get The Things You Need Done

1) Payments are deducted on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

2) Payments are processed via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) directly from your bank account (you must provide a voided blank check) or through a credit card on file on the 1st of every month unless an alternative date is determined.

3) Payments that do not process or are declined are automatically assessed a $25 processing fee and a $25 late fee.

4) You may cancel with a 2 week written notice.

Tuition includes early dismissals, minimum days, parent conferences, professional development, and in-service days at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

School holidays are NOT included as part of the tuition unless their scheduled days fall on that school holiday.

The tuition does not include school holidays, winter and spring breaks.

We do offer single day, winter, and spring camp programs with a discounted fee exclusively for our after school students.

We offer a full day Summer Camp Program for those working through the summer months.  As a bonus for all children enrolled in the upcoming school year, your tuition stays the same! No weekly fees, your monthly payment stay the same, you just pay for your child’s lunch and field trip and we are set.

We offer a $10 per week sibling discount.

Of Course! Safety is our top priority!

The Kidsmart Shuttle has a written list with your child’s name on it as well as a photo you have submitted ahead of time for visual identification. We coordinate with the school to determine a designated pick up area. We post a Kid Smart After school martial arts representative at several of the designated school pick ups to coordinate pick up and make sure things run smoothly.

Your child will participate in our traditional martial arts curriculum 2-3 days of the week. They will also enjoy the benefits of fitness with bully proof fitness program, martial arts tricking, and cool karate relay races.

NO. The monthly payment you submit for the After School Martial Arts Program covers the some 50 early dismissals, and professional development days and public holidays. Tuition does not include thanksgiving, winter and spring break. Other school holidays included. We do offer day camps during those breaks for an additional fee.

Your children will not only get exercise during the martial arts class, but they will learn valuable life-skills such as manners and respect for their teachers, parents, friends, and themselves.
They will develop a positive “Never Give Up” attitude that will carry over into school, home and sports. The foundation of our program is the motivational, goal oriented, martial arts classes that students participate in. Our dedicated professional staff is focused on providing an exciting and safe environment for all of our students. We take pride in offering a fun atmosphere that is focused on personal growth for each student. Our program is well staffed with people who are dedicated to helping your children live their best life! Martial Arts isn’t just “punches and kicks.” It’s lessons on life and of course – Quiet time lets them finish homework, enjoy reading, or even draw a picture if they want! We know that the last thing parents want to do when they get home from work is to argue with their children about doing homework, so it is our mission to have that done before you pick them up. Every part of our program is filled with games and activities that kids LOVE. We disguise fitness and life skills with activities that make your child smile ear to ear.
After all – kids love to learn while they play!

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